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U.Y.T.P’s Wing Chun Kung Fu Training

Student Name: Tricia Spitz, 58,

Occupation: Entrepreneur,

Xpresso Delight Franchisee

When I watch this video, it reminds me of so much!

I think back to a phone call I made to Tamar Salas about 10 months ago when I explained to her quite plainly that I’ll most definitely have a problem with remembering all the moves (I now know this to be The First Form) and she encouraged me to come along and give it a go first before ruling it out (due to my poor performing memory!) which I did.  And let me just say it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself!

Tamar told me to have faith that my “muscle memory” would kick in and I ABSOLUTELY WOULD be able to remember the moves!

I now go to Tamar for my training 2 x a week and I have to say she has taught me so much more than Wing Chun!

Firstly, she taught me to BELIEVE in myself that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE if you believe in yourself first and foremost!

Tamar has an exceptional coaching style where she is able to quickly access and personalize what each of her students need.

Since starting with Tamar I have grown as a person and have begun a fantastic journey and if you are reading this I encourage you to take the time out of your busy life and give her a call, set up an appointment and see for yourself.

I promise you that you will not be disappointed!

Tricia Spitz,

Xpresso Delight Franchisee.

(This video was an impromptu video taken on the first day of spring, my student and I decided to take a stroll to the park and train there out in the sun. iPhone performed its magic that day with its clear capture. This was an unplanned filming altogether.)

Student Name: Stephen Spitz, 57,

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Co-founder of Xpresso Delight

“My time with Tamar in learning the art of Wing Chun has given me more of an appreciation of how important mindfulness is and a better understanding of not constantly trying to find logic for everything I do can make me a better version of myself.

Tamar’s coaching method is a perfect combination of using the mind & body, which helps accelerate your learning, understanding and personal growth in our daily lives. As business leaders we have the responsibility of providing the vision and leadership to inspire our teams every day to achieve their fullest potential and ours. This goes a long way in doing that!

Stephen Spitz.

Student Name: Tony Hrvartin, 49,

Occupation: Entrepreneur,

Genesis In-store Marketing

“I have been training with Instructor Tamar from Prism Martial Arts Wing Chun for Health for about 3 months now and have noticed a remarkable improvement in my Confidence, Self-esteem and Overall health.

Tamar is an amazing dedicated instructor she is clear, concise and very supportive in ensuring I reach my goals. What is even more noticeable to me is the more I undertake Wing Chun the more I realize the incredible depth of this amazing Art form.”

“Year after year students continue to share and give back in their testimonials as they continue to grow and learn from U.Y.T.P.’s specialized coaching and training methods.” Tamar Salas

“I started training with Tamar Salas from Prism Martial Arts about 16 months ago. Tamar Salas is a dedicated instructor that really cares about the progress and development of her students. I believe Wing Chun is like a Paradox..on one hand it’s a very complicated form of martial arts and on the other its very simple…I guess it all comes down to perception. I find the benefits of training in wing chun is about discovering the hidden potential that you have within yourself as you develop the skill…it’s like undertaking a journey. But like anything good in life you must be consistent in your training and really apply yourself and if you are consistent you will be rewarded with increased health more confidence and amazing skill attributes that one can apply in their day to day life. Thank you Tamar….Thank you Wing Chun.”

Tony Hrvatin, 51, Entrepreneur, Genesis In-store Marketing. 

U.Y.T.P.’s Lifestyle Coaching and Training

Student Name: Samantha Sab, 48,

Occupation: Stylist

A.K.A. “Warrior Princess”

“I have been training with Coach Tamar Salas since October 2014, before having her as my coach; I felt my life needed a little more direction in terms of my fitness and lifestyle as I always wanted to direct more of my energy towards achieving the lifestyle of my dreams. So I approached her and we booked in a time to meet, we set some goals and we started training that same week.

Since then my lifestyle has completely turned around from initially training once per week to now training 3 times per week with her, something I never thought I would personally do, get up early mid-week before work begins to train my mind and body.

I now feel I have more clarity and a grip on my health habits. It has been a fulfilling, gratifying and an amazing experience.

I start my days with exercise and clear direction about how to achieve my vision. I now have clear body and lifestyle shaping goals, my nutrition has become more balanced and I am now applying more mindfulness into my lifestyle. I sleep in early, get better rest, I feel more energized. I understand what foods can do to my body now that I’ve chosen to go for a complete mind, body and spirit transformation, with her support I am more aware of what works for me and what doesn’t in terms of food intake when I am training, and I am able to keep it up during the week.

I am extremely happy with my coach Tamar Salas, she’s decisive, unconventional, extremely intuitive and knows exactly what I need in terms of the goals I want to achieve for my body and lifestyle, she understands exactly what I go through and I believe that is really important when you have a coach, standing there with you in your health and fitness decisions and keeping you accountable for your goals and achievements.

My whole life has changed since I started my fitness and lifestyle training with Coach Tamar. I personally most highly recommend Lifestyle Coach Tamar Salas to anyone wishing to create a mindful, happy transformation in their lives through staying fit, living healthy and consciously.”

S.S. Aka “Warrior Princess”




 More Wing Chun Kung Fu Testimonials 

Student Name: Erika Degoute, 28,

Occupation: Entrepreneur, 

The Forth Monkey

“I started with a 7 weeks intensive program to kick start my training in 2013 and that was the best decision I ever take! I have been learning and practicing Wing Chun with Tamar Salas my instructor at Prism Martial Arts Wing Chun for Health for a year and a half now and I already see its great benefits in my life. I am more relaxed and serene in stressful situations. I have a better core and balance and I am much more aware of how my body works and how to use it efficiently. Wing Chun principles never stop to fascinate me and Tam is a super coach. She is demanding to make sure you give the best of yourself yet patient, our sessions are made of ultra focus and laughter. I recommend Tam as a Wing Chun personal coach for anyone.”



Meditation Workshops Testimonials:

Client: Danielle Finlay,  

Company: City of Kogarah Council 

“Tamar Salas has been an amazing guiding light for us, over the last four years Coach Tamar has facilitated self-defense sessions for International Women’s Day, she has also facilitated guided mindful meditation sessions for Mental Health Month and provided meditation sessions to our youth groups, helping us to achieve our objective to give and increase education in mindfulness, health and awareness to the community. I highly recommend Tamar Salas system of coaching and training in mindfulness, self-defense and meditation for any individual, group and or organization wishing to gain knowledge and experience in the areas of mindfulness, self defense and meditation. Tamar is extremely professional and takes tremendous care in what she does to facilitate and deliver peaceful, loving and mindful sessions to her audiences.”

Mindfulness and Meditation Seminars Testimonials:

“Excellent, my acceptance was greatly enhanced; before I met Tamar I did not know the power of gratitude” – Con Papas

“Thank you so much Tamar, I have learned and wish to know more about mindfulness and positivity. After being through traumatic life in last three years and loosing loved ones from one another. This seminar has definitely helped me a lot to walk through my grief, let go of the past, be mindful and look forward to the future. Much appreciated Tamar. Look forward to attending more seminars by you.” – Ean Quah

“Thank you Tamar, you have helped me more than I could explain, please put me on your mailing list” – Denise Robinson

“I found myself living in the moment more than before, I feel more alive with myself and others, I learn to meditate and that helped me in life” – Raymond Pitcher

“Excellent I have learned so much. I will try to practice what I have learned. So much useful information, thank you. Especially what is this teaching me now, how to deal with someone who has hurt me” – Marie Angelou

“Thank you, thank you for your gifts and being present in my journey towards mindfulness! Hope to meet you again!!” – Cecilia Refalo

“Thank you Tamar, this was amazing- a journey to learn myself” – Mary Dwyer

“Great presentation made simple. A wonderful experience in this world where everything is moving so fast. Looking at things and choosing my time in a more positive way. I am grateful for your time, wish there was more.” – Sue

“Tamar is truly amazing!!! She radiates love, calmness in her sessions she is an excellent teacher and I have learned so much and would love to participate in many more sessions” Lots of Love – Joy Sarmonikas


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Tamar Salas

Tamar Salas