The Humble Omelette

Lazy Saturday Morning Breakfast

Hey guys! If you are anything like me, you want your Saturday to be as laid back as possible.

This recipe is perfect! 5 minutes is all it takes to have your taste buds reaching heaven and have your body ready for a mindful kick back of the week with enough mental clarity for a healthy projection of the week to come.


Prep Time 1 minute
Ready in 4 minutes


3 Organic Eggs


Two Tomatoes

Blue Cheese


Olive Oil

Kosher or Pink Himalayan Salt


Heat non stick pan on moderate heat

Add a dollop of butter

Crack your eggs, put them on a bowl and whisk them for about ten seconds, not too much or they will get too much air on them and will fluff up on the pan and turn into scrambled eggs.

Pour in your egg mix and as it gains heat gently bring the edges towards the centre of the pan with your fork just ever so gently.

Leave in the heat for a minute until you can fold it over and voila!

Cut and add some of your favourite blue vain cheese right in the middle.

Add some freshly cut tomatoes drizzle with olive oil, your favourite spices and garnish with fresh parsley.

Ground coffee to serve.


Tamar Salas