Spiritual Spring Clean?

What is a spiritual spring clean? How do we cleanse spiritually and what does it mean for you and me? What are the benefits?

We have all heard of and most of us I am sure do go through an entire household spring clean, I mean for centuries or even thousands of years we have called it a spring clean dating back to Iranian and Jewish customs to shake the house and clean every corner of it at the turn of spring or autumn to prepare, to welcome in a new season afresh and brand new. It surely feels great right after we have done a thorough spring clean, you know sort out what we no longer use put it into piles one for rubbish, one for charity, ones for give away, for sale etc. Indeed there is a lot of effort that we put into it to at the end feel with a little bit of relief and you could say a little lighter too.

But how do we do a soul cleanse?

Pretty much the same as we sort our physical possessions out and put them into order, there must be in the lives of the code of every warrior a proactive action that permits us the cleansing of our actions, our thoughts, our emotions, our reactivity, our needs, and so on. If there’s ever a greater time to engage in the action of self introspection this is the right time to do it, to dig into our lives internally in the same fashion as we would dive into our closets and pick the things that we no longer are in need of for the coming year.

During the year we busy ourselves with our business, our relationships, our work load and so on and year after year we find that we may have progressed very little, that somehow our health is in the same state as it was 5 years ago perhaps or that our relationships continue to go through the exact patterns year after year. Why? why doesn’t anything change if it seems that you are doing all the possible things right for things to work out the way they should and often they don’t. We somehow can’t get our thoughts across in the right way to others, communication for a whole year goes bust, you loose business and gain stress trying to work it all out. Why?

Has it been that somehow we forgot about us? You forgot to tap into checking in on You?

You know, we do everything we can in this world in order to stay on top of it all, we get further educated, we gain more knowledge, we visit advisors, we join the gym, start a new diet…etc. to achieve perhaps psychological, emotional and physical balance.

Are we missing one major ingredient?

What about our soul, our spirit? and why don’t these changes I am making truly last a whole lifetime? If we take a look at our relationships and if you are married and still having the problems together you did 2,5,10 years ago why haven’t they been solved? and more importantly do you want to solve them once and for all? In your profession are you still confronting the same issues year after year and talking about the same things with workmates year after year without wondering if that is it, if there isn’t any more?

Ask yourself what do you truly want for the coming year? and then begin to ask your self what is it that I need to improve on?

A great starting point is: what are some of the things about my character that simply do not fit in the vision of my future?

These are powerful questions that will lead us to greater understanding of self love, from there all things flourish. Imagine just having the depth of integrity to want better health for the coming year, to have more energy, to live more, to find your soul mate, to land that position that you desperately have been after for so long or simply ask how can I be a better person spiritually, if I am in a position where I can make great financial contribution to the world how can I achieve also quiet mind and work towards creating an overall balance.

Imagine having it all. We can’t do it without going deep, without seeing what is missing from us to continue on further and create lasting change, lasting fulfillment.

Every season we get an opportunity to transform our lives from the inside out, just like we do we our homes and nature does on its own with the help of the universe, only in this context we are speaking about our spiritual homes, our bodies that house our soul, through the process of de cluttering our minds from our very own destructive thought patterns, our bodies relieved from the toxins of our thoughts, and our spirit to find new uplifted horizons to bloom in, all it takes is truly asking the universe for the extra strength we need to become a whole new version of ourselves with a squeaky clean soul to have a wonderful new year.

How well do you spring clean?

Wishing for all of us a humbling journey into discovering the depths of what may be stopping us from achieving true lasting fulfillment and accessing our personal power.

Much love and blessings!

Tamar Salas