Realizing the worth of our spiritual work

Dear friend,

Has it ever occurred to you that often we tend to think about our liaisons with others be it our intimate relationships or our business relationships, and often we would find that most of our energy is placed on sensing or seeing the other person’s feelings, their thinking and response or reaction towards our  engagement with them.

From an engagement and communication perspective this is fine. However, how often do we step away from a discussion to question in order to realize what we may have learnt about ourselves from our experiences with others?

When we ask ourselves this question, we will find that this is one of the most powerful ways to begin achieve personal excellence.

Would it be fair to say that sometimes, in this particular context of communication our self confidence may get the better of us? Meaning, for most of the time, if we think about it, once the business deal is closed, the relationship is sorted, everyone is happy and life goes on. Or on the other side of the spectrum everything goes completely to the downside, we walk away criticizing the situation or what is even worse blaming others for what could have been a better deal.

Somehow in the daily dwellings of our busy lives, the external evaluation of a situation out weighs the internal aspects of our being, we seem to have the space manifested after a deal goes through down pat about what it means to deal with others…but..

Are we ok with that…?

If we really, truly want to reach our ultimate spiritual potential, are we ok with just moving on to the next step without asking really ‘what did I learn about my self from this experience?’

Now, this is of course without coming from a place of ego, but more from a place of self observance, of introspection with the intent to achieve or at least tap into the tip of our spiritual realm of excellence.

My dear friend, the more we alone present ourselves through situations with an open heart and an open mind of tapping into a realm that in truth is continuously working, non-stop, 24/7 for us and if we actually take the conscious choice to observe our very own areas of growth, on our part, in our dealings with the world, the closer we may get to a place where clarity of purpose, of intention, mindfulness and a refreshed aligned focus about our individual contribution to the world is getting us to.

Wishing for all of us that we may merit clarity of our true purpose in our world and that we may receive the strength to pursue our individual soul’s mission as contributors of a whole united being on Earth.

Thank you xx

Many Blessings,

Tamar Salas