How To Go To Your Next Level

When you want to reach that new level of abundance, you have to understand that you must move places, in your planning you must do everything different, you must become the new abundant  person you wish to become, and I’m going to use the example of financial abundance as it is a most relevant example for most reading this blog today, knowing that if today you’re at the level of earning $100k, $200k to do double or 10 times that you must re assess, re evaluate what you’ve been doing and to realize that where you envision your life to be -your energy must meet it, your steps must match your expectations, if today you’re making 10 phone calls per day let’s say in your business or in your job at $100k, know that to double it or 10 x’s it, you must excel in your actions and with no excuses, so that you can reach that new level.

Your only enemy to abundant success: is You.

The only reason most people don’t get to reach that new next level is because of these three things:

  1. Comfort, a person decided at one point or another that making the effort is not that much worth it so comfort takes over and the result is always the same if not less than prior.
  2. No desire and no action. To want is not enough, action to create change must be followed right after desire, whether that means writing a plan, calling upon someone who has the ability to help you execute the plan, investing your time and finances to do what is needed to reveal your best version.
  3. Failing to believe in one’s creative ability. Every idea that comes to you that makes you happy, that inspires you, to make it happen you need to know that the reason why you’ve imagined it and it made you feel as if it’s so real and that you are the only person who can make it happen it is because you have, you possess all that is needed to be the creator of that idea, what you choose to do following your inspiration, the calling of others to help you, the arranging, the structuring, all of it must be accompanied by you believing completely that you are the one to create, to manifest that which seems so real in your imagination.

Remember this everything that needs to occur for you to realize your next level, we have to be weary of the existence that the thoughts described above are for sure going to come into play every time we are about to reach our next level, our only work is to persevere and to continue to push through these very thoughts knowing that their only purpose is to help us understand and have faith in our ability to reveal our best version.

Keep going,

Light and Blessings!

Tamar Salas