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Invite Coach Tamar Salas as a guest key note motivational speaker, wing chun kung fu coaching and training facilitator, or meditation guide anywhere in the world. (Long distance travel from Sydney, Australia is subject to additional travel and accommodation fees.)

Tamar can key note or simply speak at your event on these subjects and topics:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation.
  • The Art of Self Mastery and Leadership.
  • Business -Bridging Business and Spirituality – How to connect money with heart and soul for lasting success.
  • Spiritual Fitness and Ancient Wisdom – How to make sense of spirituality in modern times.
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu Training, introductions and demonstrations at your next event.
  • Team building sessions for your company or business.
  • How to achieve the body you want – from her latest book release below,

Her book above is a personal collection of 28 years of training and self mastery put together in one book and in one seminar.

Tamar Salas is the #1 self mastery expert in the world today with 9 years of coaching experience and with over 9000 hours of teaching and presentations, coaching 100’s of people across Sydney. She will put together all of her knowledge in one or more sessions to elevate your team’s ambition and success or in fact uplift any event that is lacking an energizing note that will leave your guests asking for more of your events each and every time.

Unleash your true power now…

Achieve Self Mastery with Martial Arts Expert and Coach Tamar Salas. Conquer Your Dream Lifestyle, Learn How to Apply Mindfulness, and Change Your Life Today!

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