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Every seminar I go to facilitate and almost every session I have with my students the question is always this: How can I achieve mindfulness? Well, if it was easy everybody would have it, BUT here’s the paradox it isn’t easy to attain because it’s…

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What is Kung Fu?

Do you know kung fu? There are many times when I’ve asked myself this question. In fact, it was just yesterday afternoon where I sat in meditation just before training, I sat next to my wooden dummy, anxious to get close to it again and…

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Life’s Mission

Life’s mission, a meditation.. As we enter into a new season, the season of fresh colour, abundance and miraculous days of our spring sunshine awaiting for the days to become longer as the sun sets later in the evening…. Right now, as the winter leaves…

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4 Golden Keys to Achieving The Body You Want

1. Get good rest each night. If you are working on your body and if you are doing everything you can to achieve your goals and you feel you are exhausted in mind and body in trying to do so, you are doing it all…

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Help Your Coach Help You

The critical point when it comes to building a healthy relationship with your coach. This is the time when you realize that the reason you’ve seeked for coaching help is because you were in need for help. I know it seems like common sense to…

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How To Have More Confidence

Confidence We can all do with just a little bit more. Ever feel like you could do with a little more self confidence? Let me share with you just how I have managed to create and run my own business, teach people and speak in…

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Relaxation Meditation

The Benefits of Meditation. In all of my meditations I have found that the mind is like a child if we don’t direct it, it wants to run rampant, it wants to go in many different directions at different times and at different speeds and…...

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Aloe, Mint and Pineapple

The Healer and Refresher As nature intended, this refreshing elixir of goodness is just what your mind body and soul ordered. Mint, aloe, pineapple aah! Ingredients: Pineapple, half a medium sized Mint, hand bunch 1 big Aloe Vera leaf Filtered water Method: Dice your Pineapple,…

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The Humble Omelette

Lazy Saturday Morning Breakfast Hey guys! If you are anything like me, you want your Saturday to be as laid back as possible. This recipe is perfect! 5 minutes is all it takes to have your taste buds reaching heaven and have your body ready…

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What really is in your fridge?

What’s in our fridges? This is a topic that I’m most passionate about. Why? For two reasons, One being the amount of waste we contribute to the world on a weekly basis. I’ve been guilty of having things in my fridge at some stage in…

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