Aloe, Mint and Pineapple

The Healer and Refresher

As nature intended, this refreshing elixir of goodness is just what your mind body and soul ordered.

Mint, aloe, pineapple aah!


Pineapple, half a medium sized

Mint, hand bunch

1 big Aloe Vera leaf

Filtered water


Dice your Pineapple, hand cut and rinse a bunch of mint, peel your Aloe Vera leaf thinly slicing the outside of it to extract the meaty part.

What I do is I place the leaf on my wooden board and I slice one top outer layer first, once top is removed, I then slice the inside lengthwise and then width-wise so I end up with tiny squares which I then gently cut off from underneath by slicing from the bottom peel.

Place all ingredients in your blender or bullet and voila!

Garnish it up with a mint leaf.

Feel free to let me know how you went with it xx