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Welcome to Unleash Your True Power

“At Unleash Your True Power we strongly believe that our world can greatly benefit from our very own pursue to conquer lasting happiness in our lives. Through the practice of self betterment we can rest assured that not only, are we proactively and positively contributing to our world, even if in a small scale, at the level of the self, but in doing so with the understanding that the more people that join in and embark on the journey of personal, physical and spiritual transformation the more ‘we’ as a global community can help tip the balance towards creating a happier better world for all beings concerned in mind, body and spirit. 

Our services across the board are imbued with the consciousness of personal transformation for a better world.”

  • Our aim is to create wonderful lasting relationships with our clients and students helping them conquer and reach their ultimate potential through the practice of inner strength.
  • Our mission is to offer and deliver outstanding excellence through our unique lifestyle consulting, life coaching and wing chun kung fu training services, helping and complementing the lives of every artist, athlete, entrepreneur and professional seeking to pursue the art of personal growth and personal fulfillment.
  • Our vision is to create a ripple effect of positive energy throughout our world, reaching out to help and unite millions of happy, self empowered people who wish to create positive change in the world through the practice of self-preservation, transformation and personal excellence.


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