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Dear friend,

Are you looking to address a past issue and move forward into today and the future with ease, grace and celebration? Are you feeling a bit tired of old habits and know you can get a bigger bite out of life and uplift your current career and lifestyle with a little help?

Well, let me tell you, a few years ago I started my coaching business, flash forward to today, I’ve helped and assisted hundreds of people tap into the depths of their anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, lack of clarity and overwhelm and pull it right out for once and for all, to find inner calm, balance and become friends with themselves again.

You can imagine what this could do for you. Inside all the madness of life lies a beautiful person, that’s you and me and the people you work with also. The truth is, is that for most of us to recognize we are in trouble, it’s extremely difficult, we might say “well, I’ll be o.k if I just get over this hurdle” and often times we believe that the stress we’re enduring is completely normal, no matter the intensity of it.

The reality is, is that it doesn’t have to be that way, you don’t have to be a hero by enduring stress, then stressing your immune system, and it goes on from can be different than the way you know it or have experienced it, you can indeed find peace and harmony and spread it all over your workplace, your environment, family, with your spouse and you, most importantly, you.

The stress we seem to endure so well, can indeed become a commodity and indeed it has all over the world, a great place to start looking for the proof of this statistic is in counselling practices, psychiatry, psychology, bars, and so on.

Most of us during the span of our lifetimes would never sit and think of how our lives could be enhanced and improved by shifting minor little bits inside our minds, hearts and our habits.

The truth is that to imagine living a life completely stress free or at least having the right tools to pick it up and turn stress around before it actually turns into a liability is totally real and what’s more, one of the most smartest ways to begin to achieve peace of mind all at once and end our personal chaos.

Today, my passion is fueled continually as I help coach fellow ceo’s and entrepreneurs achieve wholeness of being, I include all artists, athletes and professionals under the entrepreneurial hat because in this day and age, if we truly think about it we are all entrepreneurs.

We have to understand that to become a whole human being we have to know what it takes to share the greatest version of ourselves, and that means becoming a full human being that cultivates mind, body and spirit in order to become wholly, to leap up to achieve our greatest version.

My personal background in life and in work, and passion to serve fellow entrepreneurs gives me the authority to work with you, to help you, to share from my expertise and knowledge on how you can achieve inner calm, take care of all difficult relationships, take care of mind, body and soul because I understand the high working, stressful, mental, physical and emotional demands of your executive position as a CEO of your life, and as an entrepreneur wanting to to be a part of and to create positive shifting change in the world.



Lifestyle Consulting and Life Coaching Combined


What’s involved:


Full Day Unleash Your True Power Personal Assessment and Coaching Session.

Juicy bits:

Consultation Session – morning session 1 hour

  • This session involves getting specific about an area of life that you’d like to work on as well as your desire for transformation and your specific needs.

 Coaching Session – full afternoon session 6-8 hours

  • Once we’ve identified all areas of work and have accessed full clarity that we need, now we can get to work on building up your confidence to lead towards the future now from a place of inner calm, of wholeness. 
  • As an ongoing part of your coaching session, you will have full accountability and complete guidance and full support is 100% part of my commitment in the process of helping you unleash your true power.
  • I’ve added bonus sessions to complement your initiative, if you take the leap today, just down the end, please check them out.
  • Dinner together in Sydney to celebrate your massive leap into greatness!

“When there’s no accountability that’s when 98% of the time we simply fail.”

Book a Consultation session with me today to see, where it may be best for me to guide you in your personal work/life balance journey and I look forward to be working with you to create and achieve the changes and life you desire for ever.

Start creating the life you desire today! 

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  • Why are these sessions ran for half a day and not for one hour as most conventional coaches run them for?

I like to go the extra mile. You’re seeking for clarity and life transformation does not occur through an application form or even in 60 minutes, it begins when we meet and if during our conversation we find there is more to unravel, more to discover about your work/life balance creation I’m passionate about what I do and I’m the type of person to sit and help you get the clarity you deserve to spring forward regardless of how long it may take, half day “unleash”sessions today are what’s going to help us get you from where you are today feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, discontent, knowing there’s more to life than just working on your passion and serving, or knowing there’s more than just working in your field -to where you want to be -feeling certain, lighter, happy, content with life, with more energy and greater fulfillment than you’ve ever imagined.

I’ll be honest, in some cases my half a day sessions turn into full days as there is so much to discover, but let’s leave that for now and take the first step which is to meet and begin to work things through to gain some clarity on your path to achieving your destiny.

  • Do you deliver results?


I’m passionate about what I do and it is why I get results each day, week and months, from all my clients and students training with me now for years together through my training programs in life transformation. It’s simply what I do, I can assure you we’re going to have loads of fun together in our first session helping you unravel just what it is that you desire. As we sit and talk about your specific area in life that you’d like to work on, there may be potential road blocks that may potentially be in your way that we don’t have clear yet. I’ll guide you through discovering your way on how to practically – using real life methods – shift from where you are today to where you’d love to truly be.


As part of you committing to transform I’m going to give you 8 complimentary follow up sessions as part of also my commitment to see you completely breakthrough into the greatest version of you if you take the initiative to end overwhelm, stress, uncertainty, unhappiness and suffering right now.

Get the initial consult with me and start working on achieving massive momentum and the transformation to live happy, content, without overwhelm or anxiety ever again.

It is my promise you will leave our session feeling completely refreshed, accountable, refocused, guarded with all the right tools and ready to start creating balance in your life to spring forward with clarity, new energy and momentum to get to the next level in your career, your business and in overall well being.

That’s my gift and my absolute promise to you!

Total Value: $1,000,000

Get Started Today:  $10,000

How it works:

  • Get in touch with my team to book
  • You will be sent an application form immediately to get started
  • Process a payment of $10.000 to book in your session with me
  • My support team will advise you of our date and time together and schedule our meeting for you.

My Guarantee:

I guarantee clarity and gained momentum from our first session together so much so that I’m prepared to offer a full 100% money back guarantee if clarity in your journey isn’t achieved in our first session. It makes me feel a lot better knowing that you can have peace of mind all the way while we are working together.

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I look forward to helping you achieve mindfulness and helping you transform your lifestyle for success through my breakthrough and very unique system in lifestyle coaching.

To your success,

Light and Blessings!

Tamar Salas

Tamar Salas

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The rewards in your life will be immeasurable! 

Your Life Will thank you for taking care of you..x 

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Plato

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