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TAMAR SALAS – Is a lifestyle consultant, & martial arts expert coaching high level business people in Sydney achieve extraordinary Mind Body Spirit transformations in just 18 weeks!




Tired of feeling sluggish, stressed, tired, not achieving your fitness and personal goals?

Look no further, Tamar Salas is going to help you achieve your fitness goals and get you kicking into gear feeling on top of your game in just a couple of sessions!



“Tamar has an exceptional coaching style where she is able to quickly access and personalize what each of her students need. Since starting with Tamar I have grown as a person and have begun a fantastic journey and if you are reading this I encourage you to take the time out of your busy life and give her a call, set up an appointment and see for yourself. I promise you that you will not be disappointed! Tricia Spitz, 58, Xpresso Delight Franchisee.




“Before starting my training with Coach Tamar Salas, I felt my life needed a little more direction in terms of my fitness and lifestyle, my lifestyle has completely turned around from initially training once per week to now training 3 times per week with her, something I never thought I would personally do, get up early mid-week before work begins! to train my mind and body. I now feel I have more clarity and a grip on my health habits. It has been a fulfilling, gratifying and an amazing experience. I start my days with exercise and clear direction about how to achieve my vision. I now have clear body and lifestyle shaping goals, my nutrition has become more balanced and I am now applying more mindfulness into my lifestyle. I sleep in early, get better rest, I feel more energized. I understand what foods can do to my body now that I’ve chosen to go for a complete mind, body and spirit transformation, with her support I am more aware of what works for me and what doesn’t in terms of food intake when I am training, and I am able to keep it up during the week.” Samantha Sab, 50, a.k.a. Warrior Princess


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Tamar Salas is a certified master practitioner of integral nlp as well as a certified and nationally recognized instructor of martial arts with almost a decade of experience in coaching and 28 years in practice. Her talents, skills and passion to help her clients grow and succeed are simply remarkable and will help you transcend all personal limitations you may have in your life to get you achieving your desired fitness and life goals. Success without health is no wealth.

Coach Tamar Salas specializes in coaching high level business people in Sydney achieve extraordinary mind body spirit transformation in simply 18 weeks!

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“My biggest interest is to see you succeed in your life, in fitness, in mind and spirit!”  Tamar Salas

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Tamar_Salas_Coaching_Method“Tamar’s coaching method is a perfect combination of using the mind & body, which helps accelerate your learning, understanding and personal growth in our daily lives.  As business leaders we have the responsibility of providing the vision and leadership to inspire our teams every day to achieve their fullest potential and ours. Tamar’s method goes a long way in doing that!” 

Stephen Spitz, Co-founder of Xpresso Delight.