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TAMAR SALAS – Lifestyle Consultant, Holistic Life Coach & Elite Martial Arts Coach

U.Y.T.P. : acronym, meaning Unleash Your True Power 

“Unleash your true power is about a dream.

A dream we all dream, to be in touch with ourselves, to live consciously, to awaken, to breathe, to hear the whispers of our soul, to manifest transformation.

Unleash your true power is about creation, self-reinvention, stepping into a new life, unraveling a new state of mind and conquering it.

Unleash your true power is an elite lifestyle and life coaching service that fully supports you in your own journey to conquer mind, body and spirit.”

Coaching ceo’s, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs & professionals be done with overwhelm, discover mindfulness and achieve wholeness of being.


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“Tamar’s coaching method is a perfect combination of using the mind & body, which helps accelerate your learning, understanding and personal growth in our daily lives.  As business leaders we have the responsibility of providing the vision and leadership to inspire our teams every day to achieve their fullest potential and ours. Tamar’s method goes a long way in doing that!” 

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Co-founder of Xpresso Delight.