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TAMAR SALAS – Elite Lifestyle Coach and Lifestyle Consultant. Key Note Speaker.

Coaching high level business people in Sydney achieve extraordinary Mind Body Spirit transformation via the lifestyle and powerful art form of wing chun kung fu.


Tamar_Salas_Coaching_Method“Tamar’s coaching method is a perfect combination of using the mind & body, which helps accelerate your learning, understanding and personal growth in our daily lives.  As business leaders we have the responsibility of providing the vision and leadership to inspire our teams every day to achieve their fullest potential and ours. Tamar’s method goes a long way in doing that!” 

Stephen Spitz, Co-founder of Xpresso Delight.


Founder of Unleash Your True Power Tamar Salas, has dedicated her whole life to martial arts training.

10 years ago she discovered the internal art form of wing chun kung fu after battleing for many years with clinical depression and decided it was time to harness the power to change everything in her life and create a new lifestyle and a new business.

Since then she has been a dedicated coach and instructor teaching and guiding high level business owners how to bring balance into their busy lives through her extraordinary coaching method bridging internal martial arts training, business, high performance coaching, spirituality, health, vitality and fitness all into a way of life that promotes for the practitioner longevity and lasting personal fulfillment.


Thanks for coming over to my website, I would like to share with you that one of my biggest fears is not sharing and passing on to as many entrepreneurs as possible the benefits of living a mindful lifestyle.


Because, so often I see successful and unsuccessful business owners surrounded by chaos and their lives filled with complete stress, thinking and believing that business without stress would not be possible, to a certain extent perhaps this belief may have its validity in the sense that we must be able to experience some level of stress in order to know and be able to experience the opposite however running a successful business does not mean that stress has to be 100 percent all the time an endurance test. Not at all, there has to be balance.

The high of stressful entrepreneurship is a big concern for me as I believe that as entrepreneurs we pave the way for generations to come, we move the economy, help to stabilize it, we change and paint new landscapes by applying our vision and manifesting our desires, but we must be able to do it mindfully -wholistically, taking care of ourselves wholly.

So often I meet with and see entrepreneurs that simply go without eating, sleeping and anxiously drinking themselves to sleep as a result of a lack of self discipline, experiencing a roller coaster of success without a directed, planned, designed lifestyle that can accommodate for success and altogether ultimate peace of mind.

Life is a spiritual journey whilst we’re living inside our bodies and that means taking care of our spirit, mind and body as a whole, with stress and without knowing how-to handle stress properly we sell our selves short of our own true potential, where too often our efforts and sacrifices may exceed our levels of success.

Through martial arts training, specifically through the practice of internal wing chun kung fu my life as a whole everyday takes a new meaning because with wing chun I can create an opening to physically, mindfully and spiritually challenge myself all in one session.

Wing Chun kung fu on the outside may look like a fighting martial art, and while it is a highly effective and extremely practical form of self defense, our very own eyes have been accustomed to see and look for only for what’s on the surface hence the reason why YouTube is filled with stylized fighting videos promoting superficiality and very little is showcased of the internal art forms stating the clear mental, physical and spiritual benefits of their practice for anyone wishing to attain a higher level of self performance.

I can only imagine that my life without knowing the tools that I now have thanks to the practice of this art form it would be filled with stress, unbalanced health and complete chaos. If there’s an art form that teaches you and gives you inner peace, serenity and mindfulness when practiced correctly, that is wing chun. Wing Chun kung fu enhances, benefits and enriches one’s life beyond the scope of the limitation of our five senses. Therefore its practice must become a way of life for anyone wishing to attain a deeper level of self actualization in mind, body and spirit.

Here at Unleash Your True Power we make sure that your life experience as a successful entrepreneur in our planet is further enriched beyond your wildest expectations.

Tamar Salas, 

Founder of U.Y.T.P. 

“I think back to a phone call I made to Tamar Salas about 10 months ago when I explained to her quite plainly that I’ll most definitely have a problem with remembering all the moves (I now know this to be The First Form) and she encouraged me to come along and give it a go first before ruling it out (due to my poor performing memory!) which I did.  And let me just say it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself! Tamar told me to have faith that my “muscle memory” would kick in and I ABSOLUTELY WOULD be able to remember the moves! I now go to Tamar for my training 2 x a week and I have to say she has taught me so much more than Wing Chun! Firstly, she taught me to BELIEVE in myself that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE if you believe in yourself first and foremost! Tamar has an exceptional coaching style where she is able to quickly access and personalize what each of her students need. Since starting with Tamar I have grown as a person and have begun a fantastic journey and if you are reading this I encourage you to take the time out of your busy life and give her a call, set up an appointment and see for yourself. I promise you that you will not be disappointed!”

Tricia Spitz, Xpresso Delight Franchisee.

“I started training with Tamar Salas about 16 months ago. Tamar Salas is a dedicated instructor that really cares about the progress and development of her students. I believe Wing Chun is like a Paradox..on one hand it’s a very complicated form of martial arts and on the other its very simple…I guess it all comes down to perception. I find the benefits of training in wing chun is about discovering the hidden potential that you have within yourself as you develop the skill…it’s like undertaking a journey. But like anything good in life you must be consistent in your training and really apply yourself and if you are consistent you will be rewarded with increased health more confidence and amazing skill attributes that one can apply in their day to day life.  Thank you Tamar….Thank you Wing Chun.”

Tony Hrvatin, 51,

Entrepreneur, Genesis In-store Marketing. 

“I started with a 7 weeks intensive program to kick start my training in 2013 and that was the best decision I ever take! I have been learning and practicing Wing Chun with Tamar Salas my instructor for a year and a half now and I already see its great benefits in my life. I am more relaxed and serene in stressful situations. I have a better core and balance and I am much more aware of how my body works and how to use it efficiently. Wing Chun principles never stop to fascinate me and Tam is a super coach. She is demanding to make sure you give the best of yourself yet patient, our sessions are made of ultra focus and laughter. I recommend Tamar as a Wing Chun personal coach for anyone wanting to better enhance their performance.”

Erika Degoute, 28,

Entrepreneur, The Forth Monkey